transform [trans fôrm′; ] for n. [ trans′fôrm΄]
[ME transformen < L transformare < trans-, TRANS- + formare, to form < forma, FORM]
1. to change the form or outward appearance of
2. to change the condition, nature, or function of; convert
3. to change the personality or character of
4. Elec. to change (a voltage or current value) by use of a transformer
5. Linguis. to change by means of a syntactic transformational rule
6. Math. to change (an algebraic expression or equation) to a different form having the same value
7. Physics to change (one form of energy) into another
to become transformed
Math. the process or result of a mathematical transformation
SYN.- TRANSFORM, the broadest in scope of these terms, implies a change either in external form or in inner nature, in function, etc. [she was transformed into a happy girl ]; TRANSMUTE, from its earlier use in alchemy, suggests a change in basic nature that seems almost miraculous [transmuted from a shy youth into a sophisticated man about town ]; CONVERT implies a change in details so as to be suitable for a new use [to convert an attic into an apartment ]; METAMORPHOSE suggests a startling change produced as if by magic [a tadpole is metamorphosed into a frog ]; TRANSFIGURE implies a change in outward appearance which seems to exalt or glorify [his whole being was transfigured by love ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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